SHARM EL SHEIKH » Ras Mohammed National Park, Sharm El Sheikh

  • Posted September 13, 2015

    No matter what you are looking for from this excursion, either will not dissapoint. By boat I feel you are able to see more of the sealife and beautiful corals, and by bus, you get more of a feel for the actual National Park. If you are looking for snorkeling or diving, this can be done really on any boat trip. I chose to have my focus on snorkeling on the Tiran Island Boat trip and save Ras Mohamed to see all the real National Park.
    It is army protected and the scale of land is amazing, endless views of dessert and mountians with salt Lakes and hidden bays that you can't visit by boat. They will take you to various locations throughout the park and still opportunities for swimming and snorkelling but it is not as deep as you would experience by boat - for me this is a plus. 
    The is a small hill to climb where you can see the view of Sharm El Sheikh and out into the horizon of the Red Sea through a telespoce located at the top. As I loved this place so much after the first visit I booked a second time but this time a private excursion for just me and 3 friends - best choice in my opinion. I found such a helpful contact at Sharm Day and Night who I now book all my trips through. They arranged a private car and driver to take us around the park, stop where we wanted and for how long we wanted. We were able to pick a spot in the hidden bay, swim in the calm water and relax with a picnic, and then moved on to discover the salt lakes at our own pace. The best thing is this cost us less for our private trip than the other companies were charging for the normal full tourist bus trip so an even bigger bonus! - I now book all my trips through Ahmed at Sharm Day and Night so that I can afford to see twice as much. In summary for me - by bus (or private car) is the best choice to see this perfect national park.