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  • Posted September 15, 2015

    The town of El Gouna, along the eastern shore of Northern Egypt is actually a privately owned and operated vacation resort location.

    El Gouna is recognized as the most environmentally friendly location in all of Egypt and it continually works to be a top rated experience for all who visit.

    It also offers completely safe diver training programs in its own facilities and lagoon. This insures that all divers are fully trained and prepared to handle the occasionally difficult conditions of the Red Sea. Just north of Hurghada this is a purpose built resort. The main attractions here are the wrecks of the Carnatic, Chrisola and the Ghiannia which are within easy access of day boats.

    There are some 40 dive sites within easy reach and the most famous being the Abu Nuhas reef, the famous 'ship graveyard' of the Red Sea.

    The most impressive wreck in the Red Sea, the SS Thistlegorm, can be reached in 2.5 hours.

    What to see

    • Dolphin House: home to an enormous number of dolphins. Many lucky visitors actually enjoy the company of the resident pod of Bottlenose Dolphins during their visit, and some even get to catch a glimpse of the other unique inhabitants of the reef, including turtles and hard coral gardens.