EL GOUNA » Diving in El Gouna

  • Posted September 15, 2015

    El Gouna is situated just a short drive north from Hurghada and offers easy access to the best of the Northern Red Sea and over 40 dive sites. Boat diving is the norm here, with some beautiful, sheltered reefs situated under an hour’s boat ride from resort.

    Its proximity to the legendary wreck graveyard of Sha’ab Abu Nuhas makes El Gouna a superb choice for wreck divers.  During fine weather, the excellent wrecks of Abu Nuhas can be easily visited and enjoyed by El Gouna guests. There are also some fantastic wall and drift dives on offer plus the chance to dive with dolphins!


    El Gouna is a superb place to learn to dive with access to many spectacular coral gardens in sheltered waters. Excellent visibility maximises opportunities to enjoy the prolific marine life. Beautiful reef fish and amazing corals abound at many sites but in El Gouna it is common to share your first Open Water dives with turtles and dolphins for a truly memorable experience.


    El Gouna shares many sites with its neighbour Hurghada. Many sites boast resident bottlenose dolphins including the labyrinth of ergs that make up Gota Abu Galawa and the beautiful horseshoe-shaped reef of Sha’ab El Erg. These are spectacular corals gardens sitting in sheltered waters with plentiful reef species and everything from the smallest, colourful nudibranch to octopus.

    Wreck divers are spoilt by El Gouna and its proximity to the Straits of Gubal and the spectacular Sha’ab Abu Nuhas. This incredible reef patch lies next to a major shipping lane and it is home to four complete wrecks. It is magical to swim into a cloud of glassfish on the Chrisoula K and the Giannis D and see lionfish stalking prey in dark corners of the hold. Day trips are also arranged to the Rosalie Moller.

    Wall and drift diving fans will be challenged by a number of dive sites in this area including those situated near the Siyul Islands that boast stingrays, leopard sharks and a myriad of colourful reef fish. Further north, and the northernmost site in this region, is Bluff Point, which is also a favourite with safari boats. The current is especially strong and can be unpredictable but divers are rewarded with a thrilling drift dive. Rich corals abound as well as the chance to see turtles, morays and occasionally whitetip reef sharks, plus the wreck of the British freighter, the Ulysses.