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Our team

DiversAround team, is a team of experts in the organisation of travel, but also good connoisseurs in the world of diving, with their personal experience. Within our work philosophy, we try to offer only destinations, diving resorts and cruise ship live on board quality that we know personally, having checked personally most of the products we propose. In this way we guarantee first-hand information, both of the operator and the benefits.

About our Trip

As expert travel agents we know all the operations in depth so that a trip is correct, but as divers and travellers, we also understand what the client is looking for, what is the best season and what the destination really offers, designing this way makes a perfect trip. For us, the fundamental objective of the trip is to find what our clients are looking for - whether diving, knowing a remote country, contemplating wildlife, but without neglecting anything that surrounds us on that trip, so that hotels or cruise ships, the guides and all the operations are of very high quality. All this is not synonymous with luxury or high prices, but rather with professionalism.

Our services

Within our offer you will find everything from a basic resort to a small luxury hotel, from the simple cruise to the most sophisticated boat, but they will all have something in common:- the benefits will be adequate and the final goal will be fulfilled perfectly. For us it is important that the quality / price ratio is fair and that the customer's satisfaction is the same regardless of the stars of the hotel.

The loyalty of our clients is our best recommendation and achieving that goal is our daily challenge.