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Reservation process

  • Select number of participants, stateroom, stateroom category, extras. * The total will be added to your reservation
  • "Observations", add participating names, gender, any other information.
  • The data in observations will be seen in the cart
  • Select "book", a window will appear where you can review the data
  • Check the basic information of your reservation, if everything is correct select "Finish your reservation"
  • The reservation process in DiversAround works as in any online store, you are choosing the travel options you need and they are added to your cart

Process "Multi reservations"

If you want to select several types of cabin for different participants you have to do so by returning to the tab of the boat after making the first selection and that is in your cart * The process is the same as when you buy a product online 

  1. Select the first type of cabin and number of participants, select reservation
  2. In the window that appears after selecting reservation select "add more options to your reservation".
  3. The system adds your first option of reservation in the cart and returns to the card of the same liveaboard that you are interested.
  4. Add the other type of cabin, the data of other participants and select reserve
  5. Repeat the process until you have reserved the categories of cabins you want.
  6. When all the data of your reservation are finished. Select "Finish your reservation" and you will go to the cart
  7. In the cart you will have the cabins and extras that you have selected you can review change or delete
  8. You will also be able to see the information you have added in the "observations" area.
  9. Follow the process of your reservation from the shopping cart

Shopping cart

  • In the cart you can review the options you have chosen for your trip and even change them or return to the liveaboard tab where you were or to another area
  • To return to the previous trip card, select the name of the dive boat under the photo and return to the liveaboard tab
  • You can also add more participants and review your observations
  • If you have a discount coupon. Add your promotion code in this section
  • Check the recommendations that we give you in the observations under the cart
  • Most importantly - do not buy your plane ticket until we confirm the reservation
  • The DiversAround team continuously updates the availability of each dive operator, this is done manually
  • There are many other tour operators, travel agencies and booking engines in the world these days and sometimes the vacancies that were available when we reviewed or when the dive/resort operator updated us, have sold out.
  • That's why we always advise not to buy plane tickets
  • We cannot guarantee for sure that all the places we show available will always be there, we are sorry if we cannot validate your reservation, we will help you find alternatives.

Reservations last phase

  • To book with us you have to register as in any online store, although it seems that not all online stores in the world ask for your email or other contact information, this information is saved in their database
  • There are some companies that hide this process, we make it totally transparent for everyone and we teach users that this is the information that we keep, it is necessary for a name, an email, telephone number and nationality, the most basic and minimum to be able to give you a personalised service.
  • It is important for us and for our members that we work with total transparency in our services
  • Once you have registered or you have logged in, if you were already a member of our club, you can validate your reservation
  • The validation of the reservation is not automatic, since we need a while, maximum 24 hours to verify with the diving operator that the requested space is available, sometimes up to 48 hours are necessary.
  • We do not charge anything until the reservation has been fully confirmed by the dive operator-
  • Please remember do not book any flights until we confirm your reservation
  • For domestic flights in some destinations, the dive operators takes care of this reservation, we will let you know the all process ones the booking is paid. You can always book them yourselve. 
  • The diving industry has many small companies where the owners are part of the team and can be on cruise ships, liveaboard or working in the diving resort which makes them either without internet signal for a while or we cannot locate them as fast as we would like. If this is the case almost always this information is in the terms and conditions of the trip record
  • When you validate your reservation we receive an email, at the time that happens our reservation team reacts, as soon as we know if there is availability, we will send you an email or a link so you can go to the payment area with a credit card and you can pay for your activity.
  • We charge the total in advance but this amount is refundable depending on the cancellation policy of each operator, we guarantee the return of the trip amount according to the terms and conditions of the diving operator, the return usually takes around a week or more but be sure that we will keep you informed.
  • We offer a 48 hours free cancellation policy
  • For terms and conditions of cancellation please look in the file of each cruise liveaboard or diving resort you will find the corresponding one, remember each dive operator has his own, it is not a generic cancellation policy for all the diving trips that we offer

Group and full charter bookings

  • There are two types of group booking methods, the closed offers for a specific group of people and the offers for each boat where depending on the number of participants you offer discounts
  • In the first option the price is closed for a certain number of participants only reservations and go to the shopping cart
  • In the second option you manually add the number of participants and when you reach the number that is in offer example 5 paid + 1 free and selections book in the window before the confirmation of the reservation after seeing that everything is correct, will appear the discount of a free place.
  • Select "Finish your reservation" and you will be in the shopping cart to review the information, make changes if you want or contribute to the booking process.
  • For full charter rates, we have two types of reservation, the one of boats with a fixed price all the year in which you select a participant that is equivalent to the whole boat and follows the process of reservations or the boats that have different prices for season and routes, in this case it selects the season that you want to go of cruise and/or the route and you follow the process of reservation. The booking process does not take you directly to the payment area, but puts you in contact with our team, we review all the information you have sent us, we contact the boat, and then you to have a more personalized treatment, you can use the calendar to add the dates that interest you, the observation area to add data such as your name, email, phone or any questions you have, we will contact you, payments can be completed on the platform later, we will send you a payment link by credit card or bank transfer if it is simpler.

For more information contact us  https://www.diversaround.com/en/contact-us