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A boat designed by Divers for Divers- everything has been taken into consideration. Small enough for Clubs and Friends. All levels of Divers and Non Divers will enjoy the facilities. Separate camera stations and tables. Nitrox available. Travels to remote places.


  • 9 Nights, 24 Dives
  • Languages spoken - English Indonesian Spanish
  • Alor Straits & the Forgotten Islands
  • Watu Peni, Palau Suangi, the Brewery, Cave Point, Babylon, Kal's Dream
  • Clowne fish Valley, The Boardroom, Cathedral, Pertamina Jetties
  • Sharks, mantas, dolphins and tiny macro-critters, pygmy seahorses
  • A seemingly endless variety of macro sea life, 1000's of species of fish
  • Coral gardens , walls and slopes, mountains and submerged pinnacles
  • Non divers, snorkelers all level of divers are welcome
  • Special Photography Trips  
  • Free Island tours -  Bajo village where the 'Gypsies of the Sea' live
  • Diving material for every diver
  • Sundeck with hand shower to refresh yourself, hammocks


  • Dives from platform with zodiac support
  • Battery Charging Station Warm-Water Showers Fish Id And Diving Books Spacious Diving Platform Camera stations
  • Tanks With Din Valves Din/Int Adapters Nitrox ($) Rental Equipment ($) Courses ($)
  • Air-Conditioning Lounge/TV  Area Movies European (2 pin) Power Sockets Power Socket Adapters 
  • Snorkeling Land Excursions
  • Buffet , Vegetarian Food hot drinks, soft drinks, water, snacks - included
  • Beer, wine and espresso are available onboard for purchase
  • Payments on board Cash
  • Fire Alarm. Fire Extinguisher
  • Life Jackets. Life Rafts
  • Emergency Oxygen Kit. Emergency Positioning. Radio Beacon
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Dates available
Departure: 05/12/2020
Arrival: 14/12/2020
Duration: 9 nights
Spaces available: 10
Harbors (Departure - Arrival): Kupang - Maumere
Departure: 14/04/2021
Arrival: 23/04/2021
Duration: 9 nights
Spaces available: 10
Harbors (Departure - Arrival): Maumere - Kupang
Departure: 08/05/2021
Arrival: 17/05/2021
Duration: 9 nights
Spaces available: 10
Harbors (Departure - Arrival): Maumere - Kupang
Departure: 20/05/2021
Arrival: 29/05/2021
Duration: 9 nights
Spaces available: 10
Harbors (Departure - Arrival): Kupang - Maumere
Departure: 09/12/2021
Arrival: 18/12/2021
Duration: 9 nights
Spaces available: 10
Harbors (Departure - Arrival): Kupang - Maumere
Departure Arrival Duration Spaces available Harbors (Departure - Arrival)
05/12/2020 14/12/2020 9 nights 10 Kupang - Maumere
14/04/2021 23/04/2021 9 nights 10 Maumere - Kupang
08/05/2021 17/05/2021 9 nights 10 Maumere - Kupang
20/05/2021 29/05/2021 9 nights 10 Kupang - Maumere
09/12/2021 18/12/2021 9 nights 10 Kupang - Maumere

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  • 250 char. max
  • 250 char. max
  • 250 char. max


You will not embark one of those Luxury Cruises where everything is fixed to timing and planning, we offer you a more adventurous trip with lots of the unexpected: Unexpected diving encounters, unexpected beautiful beaches, unexpected quiet and traditional villages, unexpected on-board service.

SMY Oceanic has been completely renovated and the boat team is waiting to offer you 16 years of their experience in the Indonesian Underwater World.

SMY Oceanic is a traditional Phinisi, 28m long and 6m wide and can comfortably accommodate a maximum of 12 guests and provide them with an excellent service thus turning into the best option for a full boat charter with your friends, family, or dive buddies from your dive club…etc.


Oceanic has 6 Double Cabins, all with a 90 cm extra bunk, air-conditioning and ensuite:- Upper Deck Suite:.150 cm double bed and bunk, with sea views, desk, You can also see the open Dive Deck right above the platform at sea level. Lower Deck Suite: most spacious, with sofa, desk, 150 cm double bed and bunk,  4 Standard Cabins, with 140 cm bed and extra 90 cm bunk.

All the cabins have been fully renovated, following the same principles of the Dining/Living room: a combination of  dark and  clear tropical woods give a pleasant touch to a more rational distribution, making use of every available inch of space to provide a pleasant yet functional experience on board.


On board  you will have enough space to relax alone, or to share a nice chat sitting in the cool atmosphere of our A/C Dining Room or enjoy a full moon evening from a comfortable hammock on our spacious Sundeck before taking a rest in your A/C Cabin.

In the unlikely event you don’t feel like diving, swimming or snorkeling, we can arrange a walk through isolated forests, along deserted beaches or in the undisturbed villages we will come across during our sail.


Indonesian, Chinese, Italian and Japanese main meal dishes and desserts, East-meets-West style breakfast, Buffet-style waitress service in the Saloon - 2 main dishes per sitting, All dietary requirements can be catered for - please send notice of your needs, Dining service normally begins with lunch on the first day of the cruise. Coffee, tea, soft drinks (1 per meal), water, biscuits and fruit are provided free of charge. Beer, wine and espresso are also available onboard for purchase.


Sailing aboard the SMY Oceanic, you will have the opportunity to explore the most exotic and remote islands of this unique location - places where you would possibly find it extremely difficult to get to by yourself.

This gorgeous boat sails all year long between Komodo & Rinca Marine National Park: North & South. For all of you who really want to get to know his Majesty in full and specially all of you who have already dived the North and Central part of the Straits but have only seen a glimpse of the Southern mouth facing the Indian Ocean because weather can get nasty down there in the summer months.  Now is your chance, as the Oceanic will take you to the spectacular dive sites at the southern mouth of the straits during the months when weather is at its best and while all the other boats are in Papua.


Standard cabin with 140 cm double bed and with 90 cm extra bunk, AC and en-suite

  • Size:  8 m² 
  • Beds:  1 Double + 1 Bunk 
  • Max occupancy:  2 
  • Shareable:  Yes 
  • Private bathroom:  Yes 
  • Air Conditioning:  Yes 



Upper deck suite: with sea views, desk, 150 cm double bed and with 90 cm extra bunk, AC and ensuite:

  • Size:  8 m² 
  • Beds:  1 Double + 1 Bunk 
  • Max occupancy:  2 
  • Shareable:  Yes 
  • Private bathroom:  Yes 
  • Air Conditioning:  Yes



Lower deck suite: most spacious, with sofa, desk, 150 cm double bed and all with 90 cm extra bunk, AC and ensuite

  • Size:  9 m² 
  • Beds:  1 Double + 1 Bunk 
  • Max occupancy:  2 
  • Shareable:  Yes 
  • Private bathroom:  Yes 
  • Air Conditioning:  Yes 


  • The trip goes either from Kupang to Maumere or Maumere to Kupang.
  • You will be duly informed about the exact departure and arrival port at the moment we confirm your reservation.
  • Please do not book your flight tickets until you have our confirmation.
  • The closest airports are Maumere (MOF) and El Tari airport (KOE)
  • Pickup time at the airport is according to your flights. Give yourself enough time to go through immigration and pickup your bags
  • You will be met by someone of the staff  who will take you directly to the boat
  • Hotel pickup time is in the morning


  • Check in on the boat is between 08:00 and 12:00.
  • The boat departs Labuan Bajo early in the afternoon on the same day
  • The vessel is equipped with European (2 pin) power sockets, Power socket adapters
  • Accepted payment methods on board: Local currency (cash only), Cash, VISA, EUR, USD
  • DIN/INT adaptors are available on board
  • Towels and soap are included


  • Your last dives will be on the second to last day in the morning
  • It is your responsibility to ensure you respect the 24 hour no-fly time after your last dive!
  • The boat docks back in Bima in the afternoon on the second to last day
  • Check out and disembarkation is between 08:00 and 12:00 on the last day.
  • Hotel drop-off time is in the morning
  • Airport drop-off time is in the morning


Photographers Special

  • 24hrs electricity to allow batteries and flashes charging any hour of the day.
  • Individual Charging Stations for each buddy.
  • Laptop for freeing memory cards of your digital cameras.
  • Big Tables for photographers and quilted rinsing-tubs for taking good care of your cameras.


  • Aprox 24 Dives
  • Level required: Advanced Open Water
  • 50+ Dives recommended.
  • Some dives are in strong currents and a minimum experience of every single diver is key for the safety of the group.
  • In Maumere witness unique behaviours of the many rare and wonderful critters 
  • Dive in Kupang with healthy coral reefs and breathtaking diving, a wide variety of dive sites to be explored 
  • White and black grey reef sharks and thresher sharks 
  • Massive clouds of fusiliers streaming up and down the walls and slopes.
  • Beautifully colorful soft corals, large overhangs, cracks, caves and other stunning underwater formations.
  • A multitude of rare critters, including various types of ghost pipe fish and some rare nudibranch.
  • Beautiful fixed fauna, big and numerous schools of fish including horse-eye jack fish, sweet lips, eagle ray, reef sharks and occasionally the moon fish.
  • Night dives available during the trip



  • Arrival and assistance at the airport. Collecting your luggage.
  • At the indicated time, transfer to the port depending the route.
  • Boarding the boat, welcome drink and presentation briefing of the boat and crew (depending on the schedule of flights will be the first day or the next day early morning).
  • Distribution of cabins.
  • Overnight on board.
  • You can take some time this day to prepare your diving equipment. 


  • Diving trip with full board and daily diving plan.
  • You will dive the most important dive sites of this route.
  • Every single trip is tailor-made to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The decision on the itinerary is made by the cruise director based on factors such as weather conditions, dive conditions, requests of guests, schedules of other liveaboards, which we are trying to stay away from


  • 2 dives in the morning.
  • Afternoon / night, arrival at port.
  • Dinner and accommodation on board.
  • Free time to enjoy the local atmosphere, shopping and / or optional excursions in the area.


  • Breakfast
  • Disembark in Port.
  • Transfer to the hotel or airports


  • Dive in the jetties of Maumere, with multiple critters including ribbon eel, ghost pipefish and frogfish, and a small wreck of a sailing boat.
  • Night dive in Maragajong, a wall SW of Pulau Besar.
  • From Maumere Bay to the straits of Alor from there sail north to the Banda islands through a string of isolated islands in the mysterious Banda sea and then Ambon island to explore its walls and the Ambon Bay, a real treasure for critter spotting, for some even better than Lembeh Strait.
  • The Bay of Maumere: it is considered the headquarters of the most reputed World Championship of Underwater Photography, until in 1992 an earthquake followed by a tsunami wave hit with anger all the area.
  • Ten years later the walls that surround these islands have managed to recover in their totality from that natural disaster to the scientists surprise and they actually offer excellent dives in mild currents, with a healthy population of gorgonias and sponges, with big groupers lurking in crevices, antias and butterfly fish.
  • In the blue big tuna and carangids patrol the depths seeking for their prey.
  • Awesome walls, submerged hills facing the current and ridges full of coral.
  • Currents that promote the presence of colorful soft corals and large gorgonians, schools of fish and big fish and outstanding muck diving in Maumere and Ambon.
  • First dive in Tanjung Gedong, along a wall with a couple of pinnacles rising from it, sporting reef sharks, tuna, barracuda and schools of fish.
  • Second dive in West Serbete, a ridge covered in hard corals with schooling silvery fish and sharks.
  • Third dive in Watu Peni, a drift dive along a wall with turtles, eagleray and napoleon wrasse.
  • Night dive inside a nearby bay.
  • Morning visit to the village of Lamakera, dedicated to traditional whaling and manta hunting, but currently undergoing a sponsored program to become a conservation center to study manta populations.
  • After breakfast dive Pulau Soangi, featuring terraces covered in soft corals, caves, canyons and a swim-through across the island, or if weather doesn’t allow it, dive Tanjung Lowokuma instead, a slope with scattered coral heads, fans, sponges and glassfish, schools of fish and critters.
  • Afternoon dive and night dive in The Brewery, an excellent muck site in West Lembata.
  • Dive West Pantar, in current swept sites such as Pulau Kambing, a small inlet featuring a big boulder with an arch and schools of fish, a pinnacle with a sprouting little ridge that attracts a lot of fish life, and Watu Ile, a small wall with a swim-through at 26 m.
  • Night dive at a nearby reef.
  • Dive the Straits of Alor, in Cave Point, a wall with many pockets an islets, Babylon, hanging gardens of soft corals, sponges and fans, and Kal’s Dream, a ridge exposed to currents that offer some adrenaline diving and pelagic fauna.
  • Night dive in front of a fresh water creek at Pancoran.
  • First dive at The Great Wall of Pantar; second dive at Tanjung Elalara, a slope that turns into a wall, with good coral coverage, schools of fish and the od snake, morays or mantis shrimp.
  • Afternoon and night dives at Beang Abang, a critter dive in a small beach with hot springs, where ribbon eels, frogfish and even Rhinopias can be found.
  • First dive at Clownfish Valley, probably the largest anemone field in the world.
  • After breakfast visit a village to witness traditional Ikat weaving.
  • Second dive at The Boardroom, a slope covered in hard and soft corals, with lots of fish and eagle rays swimming in the blue.
  • Afternoon dive in The Cathedral (current allowed), and night dive inside Kalabahi Bay.
  • Few days dive inside Kalabahi Bay, first dive in Mucky Mosque, a slope covered in corals with sights of octopus, leaf fish, mantis shrimp and morays, and second (and last) dive in the Pertamina Jetties, an excellent muck site with ghost pipefish, seahorse, frogfish, mandarin fish… 


  • Full board, including water, tea, coffee, snacks
  • Transfer from/to the airport (round-trip, only on boat arrival & departure days)
  • Transfer from/to local hotels (round-trip, scheduled times only)
  • Weight Belt/Weights/Tank(s)
  • Dive guides
  • Island tours
  • National park fees


  • Personal fee for police permits and diving, tourist and harbour fees: 200 EUR per trip
  • Full scuba set: 30 EUR per day
  • Dive computer: 10 EUR per day
  • Torch: 10 EUR per day
  • 15 liter tanks: 15 EUR per diving day
  • Nitrox: 10 EUR per day
  • Courses
  • Massage: 15 EUR 
  • Satellite phone: 2 EUR per min.
  • Tips for the crew (recommended)


What if I need to cancel my booking?

Your reservation request is obligation free and you can cancel anytime within the first 72 hours. During this time you can easily find matching flights and get answers from our reservations team to any further questions you may have. After you have confirmed and paid for your reservation, the following cancellation policy applies: 

  • 30 % non refundable
  • Between 120 days y 98 days before trip = 70 % refundable
  • Less than 90 days before trip = no refund

he refund will be transferred to your bank account, credit card or paypal account within 10 business days.


  • Make sure you meet the country's requirements corresponding to your nationality
  • Make sure your passport is valid at least six months after the date you plan to visit the country
  • Diving insurance is mandatory for divers of all ages on all of our trips: bring your certificate as proof
  • It is strongly recommended to have travel insurance that is appropriate for the type of diving holidays you are going to do
  • Check the electrical standards (such as which plugs are used) in your destination country before travelling and bring the appropriate adaptor if necessary.
  • The itinerary and the number of dives are indicative and are subject to weather conditions and conditions: safety is always first
  • All divers must provide their diving certification card
  • Diving computers are compulsory
  • Local rates, fuel surcharges, distance rates, port fees, etc. may change without notice due to changes in government policy, changes in the price of oil, etc. The changes are beyond our control and the increases must be paid if the boat requests them. We will endeavor to inform you of any changes as soon as possible. A change in these rates does not entitle you to cancel the trip

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