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Waidroka Bay Resort. Featuring a private lagoon, a swimming pool and a restaurant, Waidroka Bay Resort specialises in surfing and scuba diving.


  • 7 nights + 5 Dive Days 15 dives - Boat: 4 x 3 tanks: 1 x Shark dive and 3rd reef dive 
  • English and French spoken
  • Cultural and adventure activities on the mainland
  • Waidroka Bay Surf & Dive Resort offers incredible diving and surfing adventures in Fiji.
  • Explore the famous diving and shark diving in Fiji's Beqa Lagoon.
  • Great facilities and lodging, healthy and fresh food everywhere.
  • Yoga and Wellness, create a home away from home and a base for exploration.
  • Waidroka will offer at all times the most memorable experiences of Fijian guests.
  • The resort is famous for its Fijian-style hospitality.
  • A unique atmosphere to share our passion for Fiji.
  • Amazing super friendly people and the Pacific Ocean at your door.
  • Guests at the resort benefit from our family style "Waidroka Atmosphere".
  • Our main focus is the super service and acceptance of all guests as part of the Waidroka family throughout their stay.

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In Fijian Waidroka means fresh spring water referring to the creek which runs through the rain-forest and Waidroka Bay straight into the Pacific Ocean. Waidroka Bay Resort offers the ultimate ‘Fijian Adventure’ combining everything the Pacific Ocean has to offer with a stunning and tranquil rain-forest setting for complete relaxation and is conveniently located only 2 hours from the Nadi airport right on the main island, Viti Levu.

The perfect combination of pure relaxation and exhilarating action, Waidroka Bay Resort offers mind-blowing Surfing at Frigates Passage, world class Scuba Diving at the Beqa Lagoon, Frigates Walls & Passage and the famous Beqa Shark Dive, Fishing, Snorkeling, Trekking and all that is expected of a Fijian oceanfront adventurer paradise.

Waidroka Bay Resort, also offers a huge variety of land based Cultural & Adventure Activities, due to its unique location right on the main land only 20 minutes away from Pacific Harbour – the Adventure and Culture Capital of Fiji. For an overview of some of the land based options simply 

Famous Fijian hospitality and smiles, a variety of accommodation, stunning views, delicious food, exhilarating activities and a dream location conveniently located on the main island Viti Levu, only 25 minutes away from the adventure capital of Pacific Harbour – yet totally secluded in the midst of the rain-forest right on the Pacific Ocean…

Following continuous upgrading and with an emphasis on our unique family style atmosphere and of course adventure & activities, Waidroka Bay Resort is fast becoming one of the most unique, boutique adventure resorts in Fiji – with our main focus on Surfing & Scuba Diving!

Only 2 hours drive from Nadi Airport, Waidroka Bay Resort is located on Fiji’s famous Coral Coast and offers natures very best, both above and below the water. Boasting a fleet of five boats, the resort combines the absolute best of water sports with pure relaxation in Fiji’s friendly culture.

Waidroka Bay Resort is one of the few remaining places, where exploration and adventure are still possible and the true meaning of relaxation can be experienced in the most intimate environment.


Waidroka Bay Resort has over many years offered a focus on Yoga mainly due to our own interest in Yoga as a balance to life, with an emphasis on mind & body, but also due to the large interest in Yoga as a great complement to surfing and many other activities, as well as a continued effort in creating the ultimate Boutique Adventure Resort in Fiji to which Yoga provides the perfect balance.

We have offered Yoga sessions, guided and arranged by our staff, however not necessarily a Yoga Instructor, but arranging Yoga sessions in combination with interested guests, who wish to participate in Yoga, which has been a great success becoming a steady part of the overall Waidroka atmosphere and experience.

As we are fully committed to ensure Yoga is part of the overall Waidroka Bay Resort Experience, we have now also constructed a YOGA STUDIO, which is available for various Yoga-Retreats, but also an open venue for those who wish to participate in Yoga sessions or just wish to do their own Yoga session.

The Waidroka Yoga Studio is available for FREE to ALL guests to use for either Yoga or various work-out or stretching exercises and also specifically for surfers, who after surf sessions wish to stretch and relax, meditate or do Yoga exercises. The Yoga Studio has ceiling fans, air-conditioning, music and Internet available and has all the Yoga props (bolsters, mats, blankets, straps etc…).

Waidroka Bay Resort is also totally committed to enable all of our guests the ability to fully focus on their bodies and to provide a space and venue to be able to work-out, stretch and exercise as well as meditate. Waidroka will provide guidance on stretching exercises specifically for surfers but also in general for common injuries and aches.

Watch this space for further information on YOGA RETREATS coming up at Waidroka, as well as various specific stretching exercises for surfers and also common injuries for surfers (back, shoulders, chest, hips and neck among others…).

Waidroka Bay Resort is absolutely committed to enabling our active adventure travelers a way to partake in a full mind-body experience and to ensure we provide a platform for you to discover a healthy way to stay active and balanced in life.


You are booking Panaromic Ocean View Room. Their Panoramic Ocean-View Rooms are located on a small hilltop overlooking the resort with magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean and our private lagoon. The rooms are set with a 360 view of the surrounding rainforest and offer a fresh breeze mostly coming from the Pacific Ocean. The views are exceptional especially at sunrise and sunset.

All rooms offer separate bathrooms, one bedroom – with queen-size double bed or a constellation of full-size single beds (different set-up available on request), table and chairs, ceiling fan and a large verandah. Amenities include: air conditioning, mini fridge, tea & coffee facilities and the ability to have in room internet if desired. All Panoramic Ocean-View Rooms are decorated differently 


Waidroka Bay Resort offers world-class SCUBA DIVING with incredible variety and some of Fiji’s finest SOFT CORAL and the great FIJI SHARK DIVE in the BEQA LAGOON.

FIJI has one of the world’s largest CORAL REEF’S – over 4000 sq. miles of reef…one of the planets largest variety of marine life and most diverse eco systems…over 1500 different species of fish…incredible variety of coral with over 400 different coral types…some of the most beautiful SOFT CORAL in the world…great year around diving conditions with friendly water temperatures…visibility which can easily exceed 100 ft…the best ‘SHARK DIVE ‘in the world – up to 9 species of sharks…combined with the friendliest & happiest people in the world…and of course FIJI’S wonderful villages, kava ceremonies and landscapes of lush tropical rain-forest and lot’s of ADVENTURE.

BEQA LAGOON is world famous for its soft-coral & marine life, perfectly reflecting the variety & diversity of FIJI’S diving. BEQA is also home to the world’s top SHARK DIVES!

The BEQA LAGOON is one of the world’s largest BARRIER REEFS…it is surrounded by over 190 miles of spectacular coral…it is world renowned for its spectacular SOFT CORAL and abundant marine life…it has FIJI’S largest variety of diving in one centralized area…it is easily accessible directly from the airport on VITI LEVU (main island)…it is also called “THE MECCA OF PACIFIC DIVING”…is the home of Fiji’s world famous FIJI SHARK DIVES !

WAIDROKA BAY RESORT offers divers an ultimate dive experience, through its easy location, access to the BEQA LAGOON, the SHARK DIVING, passion for FIJI, our beautiful resort and of course our staff – the Waidroka Family!

WAIDROKA DIVE offers the perfect set-up, conveniently located on VITI LEVU…no further inter island flights or ferries…private BOUTIQUE DIVE RESORT experience & personal atmosphere…a real ‘Home away from Home’…3.5 star *** amenities with air-conditioning, 3-G Wi-Fi & mini fridges…superb fresh food…huge amount of CULTURAL & ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES for non-divers or off-dive days…amazing variety of dive sites within 10-45 minutes boat ride…fleet of 5 DIVE BOATS…FULL-SERVICE PADI DIVE CENTER…suits large Groups of  up to 28 divers…extremely passionate & experienced dive staff…tropical warm water…great value for money!


Gau Island

Koro Gardens is marked by a single large bommie that comes to within 15 feet of the surface. The area around the bommie is about 45 feet to the bottom and drops off to 95 feet in some areas. Hard corals cover everything while an abundance of reef fish crowd the waters and make the diving spectacular.

Shark Fin Point is on the north east point of Koro Island can be action central. On most dives you will see a large school of about 500 barracudas, eagle rays, many white tip, lots of grey reefs, lobster, eels, and we have even seen whale shark here, yes we really have. Not only are the fish and shark abundant but it's covered in both hard and soft corals. When the tide is running this can be a most enjoyable drift dive because little effort is needed to move and its seems as if the show just swims by you.

Makongi Island

At the turn of the century Makongi Island was the home of the last leper colony in Fiji but today its the home of the Fijian turtle and clam farm. The north end of the island is protected by a barrier reef which has a lot of great dive sights. The foremost popular are White rock, Rustic arch, coral garden and Makongi channel. Each of these sights has wide variety of bright indigenous little fish

Coral Gardens is a series of bommies that have a beautiful supply of hard and soft corals. This sight also has turtles, white tips sharks, moray eels, lion fish and once in a while a nurse shark. Visibility can sometimes be below 40 feet because of heavy plankton. E-6 and Hi-8 - These two sites are aptly named: "E-6" for the amount of film shot at this site and likewise,"Hi-8" for the amount of video footage taken. Both E-6 and Hi-8 are pinnacles that start at a depth of 3,000 feet and rise to the surface. E-6 has a horseshoe shaped grotto which is filled with anemones, large clams, lionfish and spectacular red sea fans and soft corals. Each has a virtual smorgasbord of soft corals, hard corals, sea fans, sea anemones, octicoral, swim-throughs and are teeming with smaller fishes of the South Pacific. Included at both sights are sweet lips, hammer heads, white tips, occasional silver tips and if we're lucky a whale.

Makongi Island

Makongi Channel is most often a drift dive due to the fact its at an entrance to the inner reef. On an incoming tide the visibility is quite good and sometimes exceeds 100 feet. The usual party of Makongi sea life abounds here in the channel as well. Rustic Arch was discovered by photo pro Rusty Madsen during an exploration trip in Feb. 98. This sight has excellent hard and soft corals, sea fans, sea anemones, lion fish, moray eels, white tips and a recently discovered home to a large Napoleon wrasse.

Namena (Namenalala Island)

The Namena barrier reef stretches a distance of over 10 miles. There is an abundance of dive sights here but many are unprotected in open waters and can't be dove in bad weather. Most of these sites have the possibility of high currents and as a result the sea life here is abundant and very active. It is not uncommon to see gray reefs, white tips, silver tips, barracuda and dog tooth tuna on a 30 minute dive. The following are the most popular dive sights.

Wakaya Island

Gem Stone is on the outside edge of Wakaya passage. This is a wall dive with swim throughs, hard and soft corals and as one guests who has dove around the world said, this sight is as good as they have in the Red Sea. Mantas also frequently visit this location along with hammer head and white tips sharks. When diving this location on a night dive the light fish here are very abundant and make for a great light show.

Golden Rock is a bommie that starts at 35 ft. on the high inside edge it then comes up to 10 ft. and is 20 ft. across. This site has soft coral, hard coral, cleaner shrimp, blue ribbon eels, lionfish, and most important it is a cleaning station for mantas and we see mantas here 90% of the time.

Dive Environment

  • Known for brilliant soft corals, sharks, turtles, mantas, anemones, clownfish, and multiple macro critters
  • Water temperature:
  • May – Oct (Fijian winter)
  • 76-79F (25-27C)
  • 3-5 mm wetsuit recommended


Please contact your national embassy or consulate for information on immigration requirements for Fiji.

How to get there, passports and visa documentation 

Waidroka Bay Fiji Resort is located on the main island of Viti levu, right on the famous Coral Coast, between Sigatoka and Pacific Harbour (only 2 hours from Nadi airport, 20 minutes drive from Pacific Harbour and 1 hour from Suva).

Waidroka Bay Resort is located between the Fijian villages of Korovisilou and Talenoua/Serua on a signposted detour into the rainforest just off the ocean. The detour is direct from the main Queens Highway and about 4km into the rainforest, first up a small hill and then down to the sea, where Waidroka Bay Resort is located right on the edge of the ocean. The road is suitable for all vehicles.

Waidroka is located on the famous Coral Coast, between Nadi and Suva. The station can be reached from Nadi airport by taxi or public bus. A taxi ride will take a little over 2 hours. Please send us your arrival time and flight number if you wish to be picked up by taxi. For information on transportation costs, see our fares page.

Another option is to take the public bus. Buses only travel during the day and travel time will be around 3-4 hours and it is cheap. Go out in the village of Korovisilou and use the JT shop phone or ask at any of the shops (right on the road in the centre - you can't get lost and there are plenty of shops, all of which can guide you to get a transfer to Waidroka Bay Resort) to call us (phone 773 4605). We will send a taxi to pick you up from the village to the resort. Please let us know your approximate arrival time if you decide to come by bus. See our Rates for updated collection costs.

  • Weather Tropical, average 30 degrees C
  • Language English is the official language in Fiji.


You are booking Panaromic Ocean View Room. Their Panoramic Ocean-View Rooms are located on a small hilltop overlooking the resort with magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean and our private lagoon. The rooms are set with a 360 view of the surrounding rainforest and offer a fresh breeze mostly coming from the Pacific Ocean. The views are exceptional especially at sunrise and sunset.

All rooms offer separate bathrooms, one bedroom – with queen-size double bed or a constellation of full-size single beds (different set-up available on request), table and chairs, ceiling fan and a large verandah. Amenities include: air conditioning, mini fridge, tea & coffee facilities and the ability to have in room internet if desired. All Panoramic Ocean-View Rooms are decorated differently 


  • 7 nights accommodation in a room with panoramic sea view
  • 15 DIVES: 5 Days of Boat Diving: 4 x 3 tanks: 1 x Shark Diving and 3rd Reef Dive FREE after Shark Diving.
  • Beqa Lagoon - Coral Coast - Frigates and outer walls of Beqa - Incl. Famous FIJI Shark Dive
  • Full meal plan: Breakfast - Lunch - 3 - Dinner (Lovo and Kava Party included)
  • Welcome drink
  • 10% discount on ALL land-based cultural and adventure activities.
  • Airport transfers to and from Waidroka Bay Resort (approx. 2+ hours travel time)


  • Payment: Full payment is required to confirm this reservation. Payment is non-refundable.
  • Cancellation conditions: In case you need to cancel your reservation, you can pass your seat to another guest. However, no refund can be provided.

Before you travel

  • Your passport must be valid for at least six months after the date you plan to return home after your trip.
  • It is your responsibility to review and comply with vaccination requirements and visa/immigration requirements for the countries you are visiting.
  • Dive accident insurance (including medical evacuation) is mandatory for all divers: it is your responsibility to have adequate coverage and to bring your certificate as proof.
  • Your certification test and your logbook will be verified during check-in at the dive center to clarify the level and experience: it is your responsibility to make sure you bring them with you and your dive could be at risk if you do not bring them.
  • Dive schedules may change due to local weather conditions and it is your responsibility to contact your dive center after your arrival to confirm your dive schedule: a late check-in could result in the loss of dives.
  • The price of your package does not include surcharges for national parks, boat dives, night dives, special travel supplements or diving equipment beyond the bottles, weights and weight belt, unless otherwise stated.
  • Supplements, government taxes, marine park fees, fuel surcharges, port fees, equipment rental and other improvements are subject to very short-term changes due to local conditions, extreme weather conditions, changes in government policy, operator decisions, oil prices, etc. Changes are out of our control and you will have to pay any increase. We will endeavour to inform you of any changes as soon as possible. A change in these rates does not entitle you to cancel
  • We recommend that you purchase travel insurance and trip cancellation insurance (to include storm coverage when appropriate).
  • Be sure to bring electrical adapters that are suitable for the country or countries you are visiting.

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