The Centro de Buceo El Bajón, was born from the illusion and work of a herreña family with much passion for the sea and for the wide, dynamic and fun world of diving. Apartments to 5 minutes of the sea for our clients


  • Package of 4 nights accommodation plus 6 dives
  • The Centro de Buceo El Bajón, is born from the illusion and the work of a Herreña family.
  • Apartments to 5 minutes of the sea for our clients
  • The island of El Hierro offers you a perfect environment for diving.
  • The island has a large number of dive sites
  • It is one of the best diving areas in Spain and the best in the Canary Islands.
  • The most common species are groupers, lemon fish, octopus, and also crustaceans and even sharks.
  • The bottom of sponges, black corals and magnificent yellows in the fertilized soil dry lava. 
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The Centro de Buceo El Bajón, was born from the illusion and work of a herreña family with much passion for the sea and for the wide, dynamic and fun world of diving. It is the only center created by herreños, developing and introducing a new concept of this discipline in the cozy village of La Restinga, go beyond offering quality, comfort and confidence in diving, give a family service to customers, ensure their enjoyment, not just at sea. Our goal as a dive centre is to devote all the effort so that the public lives the best experiences with the greatest security, accompanied by the best professionals in the sector. Being, easy, accessible, trustworthy and within everyone's reach, the enjoyment of diving for all levels is assured. To do this, we offer customers a wide range of positive sensations and experiences through training and thus promote the knowledge of recreational diving with the philosophy and PADI standards.

As an official Cressi distributor and the only dive centre in El Hierro with a PADI Course Director on staff, our centre has brand new facilities, diving equipment and boat:

Training area

  • Capelli boat (7,5m), 250 hp engine
  • Audiovisual Equipment and Wifi Zone
  • Bauer compressor, with 40 bottles.
  • Stock of rental and purchase equipment.
  • Fully equipped kitchen for general use.
  • Cressi shop with diving equipment.
  • Changing rooms, showers and bathrooms.

Diving in El Hierro - Canary Islands

The magnificent island of El Hierro is the smallest of the Canary Islands and the furthest from the coasts of Morocco. This island, of volcanic origin, has experienced numerous eruptions that have given it its particular triangular shape over millennia. This wild island, the least populated of the Canaries, is a haven of peace for travellers in search of a quiet and exotic place. The island has been recognised as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO since 2000 and has been able to use the abundant renewable energies available to become autonomous in terms of energy. But what about diving?

El Hierro is a place admired for the clarity of its waters, its irregular underwater landscapes and the possibility of encountering large pelagics such as devil's rays and sharks. The village of La Restinga is the area with the highest density of diving centres. It has become the gateway to the "Mar de las Calmas" marine reserve and its magnificent dive sites. You can admire its seabed where the volcanic lava has created genuine furrows, formed by sumptuous caves and arches around which a very rich fauna and flora has been established. The underwater mountain "El Bajon" is often considered by divers as the most spectacular dive site in El Hierro. If you have the opportunity to dive in the Canary Islands, don't miss this destination.

When to go diving in El Hierro?

To get to El Hierro, the best time is undoubtedly from June to October. However, the temperatures remain pleasant outside this period thanks to the warm and dry climate. The Mar de las Calmas Marine Reserve, on the other hand, is open all year round for diving.

Diving conditions

Visibility is excellent in this part of the Canary Islands. It has more or less 30 meters of visibility. 

The currents are not very strong in the marine reserve and you can dive without fear.

Required diving levels: There are more than thirty dive sites. You will find without difficulty a challenge that fits your level and certification. The most experienced diver will be able to discover the many caves or explore the depths of these famous dive sites. 

The water temperature varies from 21° C to 24°C.

What to see while diving?

You will come across many species during your dives. The most common are groupers, lemon fish, octopus, and also crustaceans. However, if you look carefully, you can see a lot of flatfish and even magnificent seahorses. With luck, you can observe the devil's manta, turtles and even sharks: the blue shark, hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks and even dive with whale sharks. Do not dream too much, as the encounter with the last specimen was seen there in 1999. The bottom consists of magnificent sponges, black and yellow corals that crawl on soil fertilized by dry lava. Get ready to dive!

How to get there:

From the mainland you can arrive from almost any airport, the ideal is to choose TENERIFE NORTE as the final destination, flying companies such as Air Europa, Ryanair and Iberia or Iberia Express. Once you have taken that flight you must take another local flight, from TENERIFE NORTE to EL HIERRO, in this case you can choose either BINTER CANARIAS or CANARY FLY, the best option is to take both flights separately to get the best price, being careful to leave at least 2 hours of scale between the two flights.

- We can help you in everything you need with the organization of your trip, since our expert in trips knows very well this destination when working as PADI Course Director in El Bajon. Also ask about possible extensions to Las Palmas or Tenerife.

- It is recommended to rent a car, previously and online, to pick it up at the airport, the prices are very low and is the best way to get from the airport to LA RESTINGA (50min by car approx.) Companies with good cars and very good price (it is not necessary to leave deposit or credit card as the rental includes comprehensive insurance) PLUSCAR or CICAR


  • El Bajón holiday homes are located a few meters from our dive center and the beach, are newly built and easy to park.
  • We have 20 own houses without need of intermediaries, from 2 to groups of 50 people, all the apartments are equipped with kitchen, towels,
  • sheets, and in long stays, with cleaning service.
  • 13 1-bedroom apartments with 2 single beds and 2 sofa beds.
  • 7 2 bedroom apartments with 2 single beds in each room and 2 sofa beds.
  • Accommodation is based on two people in private apartment


  • 4 nights + 6 dives
  • Accommodation is based on two people in private apartment


  • Transfers
  • Meals
  • Nitrox
  • Rental equipment

The package price is payable in advance and is non-refundable.

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